How Natural Flower Remedies Can Help Combat Grief & Loss

How Natural Flower Remedies Can Help Combat Grief & Loss

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you may be feeling many different emotions. Shock, disbelief, sadness, loneliness, and anger are just some of the common feelings people experience after a death. You may also feel like you can't go on without your loved one. This is completely normal. It is important to remember that it is okay to feel all of these things and more. You do not have to suffer in silence. There are many ways to support yourself during this difficult time, including using Bach flower remedies, natural remedies to support emotional wellbeing.

When we experience the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to cope with the intense emotions that come along with it. Grief and loss can cause us to feel many different things, such as sadness, anger, guilt, and resentment. These feelings can be overwhelming and seem impossible to deal with at times. This is where Bach flower remedies for grief can help.

Bach flower remedies for grief

What are Bach flower remedies?

Flower remedies are natural, safe, and have been used since the 1930s to support emotional wellbeing. There are 38 Bach flower remedies, each of which address a different emotion. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, it may be helpful to choose a remedy that corresponds with how you are feeling. For example, if you are feeling angry, the remedy of Holly could be helpful for you. If you are feeling trauma and shock, the remedy of Star of Bethlehem could be beneficial.

These flower remedies will help you process your emotions gently, at your own pace. It is important to note that Bach flower remedies should not be used as a replacement for other forms of treatment, such as therapy or medication. However, they can be a helpful addition to your self-care routine and can help you to feel more emotionally balanced.

If you are interested in using Bach flower remedies to support yourself during grief and loss, below we have listed some of the most common emotions felt during the grieving process and the related flower remedies. If any of these remedies for grief resonate with you, we offer personalised flower remedies so you can select the ones you think might help you, we'll handcraft your Bach flower remedy for grief and post it to you.

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Bach Flower Remedies for Grief and Loss

You might be experiencing a variety of emotions if you're mourning the death of a loved one. Shock, disbelief, sorrow, loneliness, and rage are all commonplace emotions that people experience following a loss. Below are some flower remedies for grief you may want to consider.

Star of Bethlehem: For those who are feeling shock and trauma

You’re traumatised after a negative experience. Star of Bethlehem is for shock or grief caused by loss, an accident or disturbing news. You feel inner numbness, sadness, or paralysing sorrow. This remedy will help provide comfort & soothing of pains.

Flower remedies for loss

Holly: For those angry at another person

Anger is a normal part of the grieving process. You may be angry at the person who has passed away, another family member perhaps if they're grieving in a different way to you, or another person involved in the death of your loved one. Holly is for anger, spite, jealousy, rage or suspicion. This remedy will help you with inner harmony and goodwill.

Walnut: For processing change

Walnut is the remedy to help with change. The loss of a loved one is a big event and change in your life and may take some time to come to terms with. Walnut will help you accept what's happened and move forward in this new stage of life. It can help you break any links from the past and stay true to your soul's life path.

Elm: For feelings of overwhelm

Usually a strong, capable person, you feel temporarily overwhelmed by responsibility or pressure or a feeling of not being able to keep up. With a possible change in circumstance you may be feeling like it's all too much. You may also have lots of paperwork to manage with managing your loved one's estate and financial affairs. This will help bring confidence that you can cope. You may also want to consider Hornbeam if you're struggling to find the motivation for starting any paperwork.

Willow: For resentment or self-pity

People who need Willow feel sorry for themselves and are sulky, bitter and resentful. Again, this is a normal range of emotions for during the grieving process and may be at odds with your usual character. It is entirely normal to feel that life isn't fair when a loved one passes away.

Honeysuckle: For those who live in the past

Honeysuckle is for those whose mind is stuck in the past, yearning for past memories and loved ones. You are so wrapped up in thinking about your past happiness or nostalgia, you are unable to move forward onto new beginnings. This remedy will help you think fondly for the past but also take enjoyment from today and make plans for the future.

Pine: For feelings of guilt

Pine is for feelings of guilt. You may blame yourself for things you did or didn't say or do before your loved one passed away. These feelings may exist whether you did anything wrong or not. You are punishing yourself. You may also want to consider Crab Apple which is for self-loathing or self-disgust if you are feeling negatively about yourself. People who need Crab Apple often feel the need to cleanse themselves and this can externalise in obsessive behaviour either obsessive washing or repetitive behaviours.

Red Chestnut: For anxiety about your loved ones

You may be feeling worried or anxious about another family member, perhaps how they're coping without your loved one or how they're adapting to life without them. Perhaps one parent has passed away and you're worried about how the other one will cope on their own. This is normal. Red Chestnut is for those where the worries have become out of proportion and you are terribly concerned for their welfare. This remedy will help you feel calm and stable.

Sweet Chestnut: For despair

You feel a deep, soul destroying despair. This is one of the most negative soul states we can be in. You feel like you've reached the complete limit of endurance and can't cope anymore. This remedy will help provide hope for a way forward and strength.

Water Violet: For loneliness and isolation

Water Violet people like to be alone which can sometimes lead to isolation and loneliness. These people like solitude and may find it difficult to form attachments to people, keeping their emotions to themselves. If you have built a barrier around yourself and struggle to let people in, Water Violet may be helpful to open yourself up to other people so you don't grow lonely.

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Managing emotions during grief

It is important to remember that you are not alone during this difficult time. There are many people who want to help support you through your grieving process. Seek out the resources that work best for you and allow yourself to heal in your own time. Bach flower remedies can be one part of your toolkit for managing your emotions and helping you to move forward in a new stage of life. If you're interested in creating a remedy, all the above remedies can be found on our Bach flower remedies for grief page or you can find out more about flower remedies on our what are flower remedies page.

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