Employee Wellbeing Programmes by Mindful Remedies

Mindful Remedies is offering a new employee wellbeing programme as unique as your employees are. We use Bach flower therapy as a natural, holistic way of supporting emotional wellbeing within companies through individual coaching sessions with Lucy Edwards a registered practitioner over Zoom. Individual flower remedies are then tailored to the individual’s emotions, custom made and delivered via post. Bach flower remedies are a natural, safe and gentle way of managing emotional wellbeing and can be incredibly supportive in helping employees manage their mental health both inside and outside work.

How can Mindful Remedies help your employees?

- Dealing with change and thriving in times of uncertainty
- Confidence and help with achieving goals
- Fighting fatigue, mental weariness and sleep issues
- Team conflict and interpersonal relations
- Managing emotions, stress and anxiety


    Lucy Edwards Mindful Remedies Employee Wellbeing Programme

    With over 15 years’ experience within the business world, Lucy has experienced first-hand the impact of workplace stress, uncertainty and conflict. Clients have found Bach flowers to be transformative in terms of their overall wellbeing, outlook and approach to life, which in turn leads to greater output and creativity at work. You can read client testimonials on the review page.

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    Why is Wellbeing in the Workplace Important?

    Any business owner will tell you that happy employees are productive employees. When workers feel supported and valued, they are more likely to go the extra mile and make a positive contribution to the workplace. On the other hand, when employees are unhappy or stressed, they are more likely to make mistakes, take more time off work, and be less productive. For these reasons, it is essential to promote wellbeing in the workplace. There are a number of employee wellbeing initiatives that can support this, such as offering flexible working arrangements, providing training and development opportunities, and providing employee wellness programmes such as this one. By taking steps to support the health and wellbeing of your employees, you can create a happier and more productive workplace.

    Employee wellbeing has never been so important

    - 36.7% suffering from worse mental health than pre-pandemic
    - 72.6% of those citing work life as part or all of the reason why
    - Too much change in the workplace (31.3%)
    - Not feeling comfortable talking about my mental wellbeing to my boss (27.6%)

      *YouGov & Mind Solent survey 

      About Mindful Remedies

      Mindful Remedies was created to provide a personalised and natural approach to emotional wellbeing and balance. Our philosophy is to look at the individual, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to health and wellbeing. We use Bach flower remedies which are individually tailored to meet your specific emotional needs and handcrafted based on the remedies together agreed in a personal consultation.

      About Lucy

      Lucy is a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner registered with the Bach Centre. As an experienced coach and healer, her goal is to empower people with knowledge about how flower remedies can help in their journey of self-healing while also providing emotional support. It is because of her own experience with ill health, stress and anxiety that she is so passionate about helping others to heal themselves through holistic and natural therapies. Her passion is to help people heal their body, mind and spirit and move forward in life with positivity to achieve their goals. She worked within the stressful advertising industry for nearly 15 years before setting up Mindful Remedies. She is passionate about wellbeing in the workplace and helping people to manage the stress and anxiety that can have have a significant detrimental effect on all parts of life.

      Please contact us to discuss how Lucy can help support your business and its employees.