9 Bach Flower Essences for Weight Loss

9 Bach Flower Essences for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? You’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with their weight and sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation or energy to make a change.

How can Bach flowers help with Weight Loss?

First things first, Mindful Remedies are not a magic weight loss remedy! They are made using Bach flower essences and can help with the emotional side of weight loss, helping you address any underlying issues such as comfort eating or binge eating that may be holding you back from reaching your goals and losing weight. So, there’s no one best flower essence for weight loss, it depends on what emotion is holding you back.

You will need to make the physical changes required to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime; however, flower essences may help provide the mental shift required to keep you on track.

Bach flower emotional eating

Emotional Eating

Diets can be torturous, yet they are maintained because people are desperate to lose weight. Many diet programs prioritise weekly weight reduction as their key aim, but they might fail to offer individuals the flexibility to examine and confront their relationship with food.

Emotional eating is an eating habit that is used to relieve or soothe emotions other than hunger. Many people consider themselves "comfort eaters." Food is a quick and easy method to calm oneself down, pass the time or become a substitute for another pastime.

Food addiction

Meals high in sugar and fat, like drugs, stimulate feel-good brain chemicals such as dopamine. After people get a rush of pleasure from eating specific foods because they generate more dopamine in the brain's reward system, they develop a need to eat again and this can override other signals of fullness and satisfaction.

Individuals with substance addictions tend to lose control of their food habits and find themselves spending a lot of time consuming, or anticipating the emotional responses of compulsive overeating. This can all lead to problems with weight gain and obesity.

Most people would agree that being healthy is a priority. Good health can improve your quality of life and it makes you feel great about yourself. When combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, Bach flowers can help people who want to lose weight.

What are Bach Flowers?

Dr. Edward Bach was a British homeopath and bacteriologist who developed the concept of ‘Bach flower remedies’ during his lifetime in the 1930s. He discovered 38 different flowers which carried a spiritual vibration of a human emotion which can be used to treat a range of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. They are similar to homeopathic tinctures made, from flowers & plants that work with your body’s own energy to help heal mental & emotional issues.

Bach flower remedies are a safe and gentle way to help release negative emotions that may be blocking your weight loss, such as stress, anxiety or sadness.

How do Bach Flowers Work?

Dr. Edward Bach believed that illnesses can be made worse by negative or unresolved feelings which block the body’s natural healing process. He found certain types of flowers helped people resolve those feelings and get back to a healthier state of being.

How to use Bach Flowers for Weight Loss

Here we outline nine different types of Bach flower remedies which can be used as part of a healthy weight loss plan but we encourage you to view all the flower remedies as there may be other emotions that are having an impact on your emotions such as

You take them orally and you can take them alongside other medications (including homeopathic ones) without any negative side effects. At Mindful remedies we don't sell Bach flower essences combination bottles, we only provide personalised flower remedies so these natural remedies are tailored specifically to someone's individual needs and emotions. No two people are the same so we ensure all our bottles are a unique blend just for you!

Bach flower wight loss

So which are the 9 Weight Loss Bach Flowers?

If you think your weight loss journey is being impacted by your emotional state, have a look through the below flower essences. If any of these speak to you, you can make your own Bach flower mix with Mindful Remedies. Simply choose up to 7 of the remedies below or view all 38 remedies at the link towards the bottom.


You hide your worries behind a smile. This Bach flower remedy may be helpful if comfort eating or drinking is your issue. You may be unaware of negative emotions underneath and overeating or drinking to excess is one way you’re avoiding dealing with or showing these issues. Agrimony will help you acknowledge any negative emotions, deal with them and find your peace with them.

Chestnut Bud:

For those who don’t learn from their mistakes and breaking old habits. Perhaps you’re constantly on a diet. You may have lost a ton of weight, for you to then fall off the wagon and put it all back on. You know what you need to do to maintain that healthy weight, you’re just not putting it into practice. Maybe it's someone's birthday at work and there's cake and alcohol present... even though you're on a diet you just can't resist it! It happens every time and you kick yourself afterwards as you never learn! Chestnut bud will help you learn from your experiences and not repeat the same mistakes over again.


You’ve suffered a set-back and now you feel discouraged and despondent. Perhaps you were tracking along brilliantly at your weekly weight in, you had a binge for a birthday weekend and either didn’t lose any or put on weight this week and now you’ve fallen off the wagon. This remedy will help you to get over the disappointment, re-set and move forward again with a positive attitude ready to try again.


Do you lose patience when you don’t see an immediate result? If so, Impatiens could be for you. You’re restless and want everything done in a hurry. This flower essence will help to have enough patience to wait for your new healthy eating habits to kick in and persevere to achieve results. You're not going to lose those few extra pounds in just a few days so you need to have a little patience.


This flower essence helps with confidence when you’re feeling low and won’t give something your best shot. You expect failure so what’s the point in trying. This attitude stunts your growth and the ability to live life to the fullest. The Larch remedy will help give you the confidence for that initial motivation.


For those who blame themselves and always think they could have done better. You are never content with your efforts even when you’ve worked hard to achieve them – you always think you could have done more and feel guilty that you haven’t. Perhaps you snuck in a bar of chocolate and now you feel consumed by guilty that you’ve gone against your diet regime. This remedy will help you to accept and forgive yourself.

Crab Apple:

Crab Apple is the Bach flowers remedy for those who dislike themselves either in body or mind. It's the cleansing remedy so can help people rid themselves of feelings of disgust or uncleanliness. It's also the Bach remedy for people with perhaps obsessive tendencies who focus on the small things.

Cherry Plum:

Cherry Plum is for those who feel like they might lose control and undo all your hard work. You have some extreme emotional states going on in your head and you feel like you might lose all composure as you feel so uptight.

Rock Water:

On the other end of the spectrum, Rock Water is for those with extreme self discipline. This can be related to dieting, counting calories and certain patterns of extreme exercise or certain diets such as fasting.


view all 38 flower essences

We use the Original Bach flower remedies to create your personalised, blend handmade by an experienced practitioner. Simply select up to seven in a treatment bottle, we'll hand make your bottle and ship it to you, anywhere in the world.

Bach flower remedies for overeating

Bach flower remedies offer a gentle yet effective approach to addressing the complex emotions underlying overeating habits. By targeting the emotional root causes such as anxiety, boredom, or dissatisfaction, these Bach flower remedies for overeating can help restore inner balance and promote mindful eating habits. For instance, Agrimony is often recommended to alleviate inner turmoil and the need to mask emotions with food, while Cherry Plum aids in regaining self-control during moments of binge eating. Additionally, Chestnut Bud encourages learning from past experiences to break repetitive patterns, and White Chestnut supports quieting the mind to prevent obsessive thoughts about food. With a personalised blend tailored to individual emotional needs, Bach flower remedies offer a holistic solution to support those striving for a healthier relationship with food and themselves.

How can flower essences help for weight loss?

At Mindful Remedies we focus solely on personalised flower remedies, making sure each remedy is created with the right flower essences, just for you. You select the flower essences you feel best suit your emotional needs and we’ll make your remedy by hand and deliver to your door.

If you're looking for weight loss that goes deeper than just diet and exercise, then Bach flower essences may be complementary to your approach. You can use Bach flower essences for weight loss to help you create a remedy that will work for your emotional needs. If this sounds good to you, take a note of any of the essences above that speak to you and create your own remedy.

create a personalised remedy

Mindful Remedies Weight Loss

Essential Oils vs Flower Remedies

Many people confuse Bach flower remedies with aromatherapy oils or essential oils. While they are related in some ways, they have different actions in the body when ingested orally or when applied topically to the skin. Flower remedies are ingested orally whereas essential oils aren't. Flower remedies also do not smell, they take on the energy of a flower, not its scent.

Bach flowers are safe for anyone to take, including children and pregnant women and have allergen free ingredients.

about the author

Since 2021, Lucy Edwards, a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner and the driving force behind Mindful Remedies, has connected with clients across the world. Crafting thousands of personalised remedies, Lucy has supported individuals' emotional wellbeing, shipping remedies to far-flung places like the USA, Thailand, and Australia.

Lucy is readily available for conversations, offering personalised advice to guide you on the path to holistic wellness. It's important to note that she's not only qualified but also registered with the Bach Centre, ensuring that every consultation and remedy adheres to Dr Bach’s original guidelines for expert care and efficacy.