A Simple Guide to Flower Remedies during Pregnancy

A Simple Guide to Flower Remedies during Pregnancy

Many pregnant women are plagued with emotional concerns. They may worry about having a healthy baby, the future of their relationship with the father, or how they will handle raising a new person on their own. There is plenty to be anxious about during pregnancy, but there are also many resources available to help – Bach flower remedies being one of them. This blog post will provide some information on some Bach flower remedies that can help you with your emotions and the multitude of thoughts going through your mind during this time so you can feel more confident and happier as you go through this time of transformation! 

What are Bach flower remedies?

Bach flower remedies are natural remedies made from flowers that are used to treat emotional and psychological problems. The remedies were developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, in the 1930s. There are 38 different Bach flower remedies, each of which is designed to treat a specific emotion or condition. For example, the remedy Star of Bethlehem is used for shock and trauma, while Mimulus is used for fear and anxiety. The remedies work by restoring balance to the body's energy system. By correcting imbalances, the Bach flower remedies can help to alleviate emotional and psychological problems. The remedies are safe to use and have no side effects.

Bach flower remedies are natural, gentle and safe during pregnancy. They help to bring emotional balance and can be particularly helpful during periods of change.

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7 Bach flower remedies for pregnancy

Many mothers-to-be can feel anxious during their pregnancy for the health of the baby. Maybe they’ve had a miscarriage previously or are just generally worried about carrying a healthy baby. In this instance, Red Chestnut may be useful as the mother is feeling anxious about a loved one (their future child.) Star of Bethlehem may help to get over a previous trauma of a miscarriage.

If the mother is worried about the prospect of the birth, we would suggest trying Mimulus for the fear of something specific – the impending birth!

Some mothers-to-be may be feeling emotionally vulnerable at the prospect of a big change in the life. In this instance Walnut would be the best remedy to help accept and move forward positively during a period of change.

Some pregnant women can get impatient to get the baby out and fed up with the time dragging – especially towards the end of pregnancy! In this instance Impatiens may be of use.

It is common for parents-to-be and parents to feel overwhelmed during this significant life change, the pressure or responsibility weighing heavily. In this instance Elm would be helpful.

Perhaps you’re a perfectionist and you’ve been maintaining a strict health, fitness and wellbeing, denying yourself even the smallest pleasure. Rock water will help you maintain a better balance between perfection, happiness and living your life more flexibly and less rigid.

Finally, Willow – the remedy for if you’re feeling sorry for yourself, that life is unfair and moody / sulky. No one would begrudge a pregnant woman this!

Our pregnancy page has all these flower essences to browse and add to create your own remedy.

Let’s not forget about the emotions of the father during pregnancy

Again, Walnut would be indicated to help with the change in life circumstances and managing to move forward positively.

Holly could be appropriate if they’re feeling angry, jealous of their partner or vengeful towards the baby (maybe if the baby wasn’t planned.) This could just as likely be indicated for the mother too.

Willow if the father is feeling resentful, sulky and unappreciated.

Elm for if the father-to-be was feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a father, feeling like he will be unable to cope.

Larch may be appropriate as many fathers-to-be feel a lack of confidence in their abilities e.g. “will I be a good father?” Or “I don’t know how to change a nappy.” Also equally applicable for the mother!

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Bach flower remedies for after the birth

Bach flower new mums post partum

Many mothers are physically exhausted and drained of all energy after a birth so would benefit from Olive to help physically revive mind, body and soul.

Elm for mothers feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of looking after a child.

After the birth, it’s quite common to feel physically disgusting and not like your appearance in which case Crab Apple would be helpful.

Unfortunately, some births may not go as planned and can be quite traumatic for the mother leading to anxiety and PTSD. Some potential remedies in this instance may be Rock Rose for terror and fear and Star of Bethlehem to process trauma. Star of Bethlehem can help many new mothers as birth can often be quite traumatic and not as planned, especially for first time mothers.

Some mothers may also experience postpartum depression in which case it may be helpful to try Mustard as this is the remedy for when everything should be fine, but you feel sad and are weighed down by dark clouds. If you're looking for a natural remedy for postpartum depression, this may be worth a try.

Pine may be helpful for mothers who feel are struggling with breastfeeding and feeling guilty about not making enough milk or being able to feed their baby – perhaps the baby is in an incubator and cannot be breastfed. Or if this baby is not a first child, about not spending enough time with any other children and the complexities of adding another child into the family.

It is natural to feel concerned for your child when they’re a young baby. If you’re experiencing persistent thoughts of concern and constantly worrying it may be useful to try White Chestnut which support those unable to switch off from repetitive thoughts, leaving the person exhausted.

Our new mum page has these all to select and create your own remedy.

Interested to try Bach flower remedies?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on Bach flower remedies for pregnancy and childbirth. Bach flower remedies are a safe and natural way to manage your emotions during pregnancy. They can be used for both the mother-to-be and her partner, as well as other family members who may also need emotional support. However, please speak to your GP if you have any questions.

If any of the flower essences above have felt true to you and you’d like to create your own personalised flower remedy, make a note of the flower essences you’d like to include and then you can go to the create a remedy page where you can view all 38 flower remedies available to create your own custom-made remedy. Alternatively you can view our pregnancy or new mum pages for essences which have been pre-selected for these stages of life.

Or if you would like a personalised consultation to help select the right remedies specifically for you, you can book a personal consultation.

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