Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedy: An In Depth Look

Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedy: An In Depth Look

Do you feel like you're not good enough? Do you dislike some aspect of yourself? If so, Crab Apple Bach flower remedy might be for you! This remedy is for those who feel low self worth and have a sense of being unclean. This inner dislike manifests externally as obsessive cleanliness as they try seek a world of order, purity and perfection as a way of dealing with their negative inner emotions. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of Crab Apple Bach flower remedy, when it should be used and its potential following use.

Crab Apple Bach Flower: For Cleansing

The Crab Apple Bach flower remedy is for those who feel unclean inside and out. People who need Crab Apple have an internal dislike of themselves, either in their appearance or personality and they feel just not quite clean in themselves. They often have a poor body image. Crab Apple types get fixated on minor issues, obsessively cleaning or hand-washing for example as a way of seeking control. They have an inner desire for purity.

In the positive state, the remedy can help you see the bigger picture and accept yourself the way you are.

The Crab Apple remedy is included within the Rescue Remedy cream as the remedy that supports cleansing and helps to purify wounds. It can also help when trying to rid yourself of a long-lasting cold or cleansing yourself from a hangover!


Crab Apple Bach Flower in Brief

When you're in a blocked state, Crab Apple can manifest itself as:

  • You are obsessive about cleanliness and purity
  • You dislike yourself either physically or emotionally
  • You have a level of self-disgust
  • You are compulsive and obsessive about minor things
  • You have poor body image
  • You feel dirty
  • You are a perfect housekeeper and need everything kept just right
  • You are disgusted by dirt and / or bodily functions such as sweating, spots or breastfeeding

While in a healthy state, Crab Apple can help you:

  • To love yourself and accept imperfection
  • To accept yourself
  • To see things in better pespective

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More about Bach flower remedies

What are Bach flower remedies?

Bach flower remedies are natural, holistic ways of working through emotional distress. They're made from flowers and plants. There are 38 flower remedies in total, each one corresponding to a different emotion or state of mind. Dr. Bach, who created the flower remedies, was a medical doctor who practiced in the early 1900s. He became interested in the healing properties of plants and flowers and, after practicing homeopathy, began to develop his own system of natural remedies.

Flower remedies can be used for all sorts of issues we face on our life journey, from anxiety and exhaustion to loneliness. They can help you go through different stages within your lifetime such as hoping toddler tantrums, coping with the demands of parenthood, menopause and grief.

Creating a Bach flower remedy bottle

Through Mindful Remedies, you can create your own personalised flower remedy including up to seven flower remedies in a bottle. Alternatively, you can choose to book an online consultation with Lucy, a registered Bach flower practitioner, whereby you'll get expert advice and a supportive ear to listen to what's going on in your life and suggest specific remedies for you. Unlike some other companies, Mindful Remedies only offer personalised flower remedies so that your remedy is tailored just for you, your specific emotions and personal circumstances.

How do you take Bach flower remedies?

Flower remedies should not be confused with essential oils or aromatherapy. They don't smell, they only taken on the energy of the flowers, not the scent. You take the remedies by mouth either directly into the mouth or in a glass of water. The minimum dose is 4 drops, 4 times per day or more if you're feeling these negative emotions particularly strongly.


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