Bach Flower Remedies - List of 38 flower remedies

Bach Flower Remedies - List of 38 flower remedies

In this article we provide a Bach flower remedies list for all 38 flower remedies. Bach Flower Remedies are natural remedies to help people emotionally. They are known as "flower essences" because they are made using the vibrational energy of flowers and plants. Bach flower remedies are often used in natural support for anxiety, depression, insomnia and other mood disorders. When you feel that something is not right, or your mood is down, then Bach Flower remedies can help you get back on track in a natural, holistic way.

This article will provide a list of all the 38 Bach flower remedies and their emotional indications and provide you with a comprehensive list of the most popular Bach Flower Remedies.

If reading through the full 38 Bach flower remedy list descriptions sounds overwhelming, we’ve tried to make the website as easy to navigate as possible to help you find the right essences for you. You can search categories according to your emotions or your life situation. 

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Flower Essence Descriptions 


  • You hide your worries behind a smile
  • Outwardly cheerful and like to keep the peace
  • Suffering torment in quiet moments when nothing to distract you – dislike being alone
  • Self-medicate with alcohol or drugs when under stress or to dull mental torture
  • Positive potential: to laugh at your problems but deal with them at the same time


  • You feel on edge but can't say why
  • Unconscious anxiety and fear, not about anything specific
  • Often experience physical sensations of anxiety - trembling, sweating, butterflies in stomach
  • Positive potential: fearlessness with less apprehension


  • You can be intolerant, judgemental and critical
  • Easily irritated and doesn’t suffer fools gladly
  • You like order and precision and fail to see why not everyone would live like you
  • Positive potential: tolerance and compassion for others


  • You’re easily influenced by others and can’t say no
  • Weak-willed and can be taken advantage of, can’t stand up for yourself
  • You give up your own life to serve others – perhaps bound to family duty
  • Positive potential: to stand up for yourself and be more assertive


  • You doubt your judgement and seek advice of others
  • Need approval of others before can progress, often missing an opportunity
  • You lack confidence in your judgement and need others to validate your decision
  • Talkative, always asking questions, can sap energy of others by seeking advice
  • Positive potential: increased confidence and wisdom

Cherry Plum:

  • You fear you might lose control
  • Nerves are stretched to breaking point, uncontrolled outbreaks of rage
  • You feel like you’re heading for a breakdown, a ticking time bomb
  • You fear you may hurt yourself or others
  • Positive potential: courage and composure

Chestnut Bud:

  • You repeat the same mistakes
  • For those with the inability to learn from past experience or have mental blocks and are slow to learn
  • You rush into new adventures without letting past ones have any real effect
  • Perhaps a woman who keeps falling for the same type of men
  • Positive potential: better insight, observation and wisdom


  • You’re possessive, selfish or overbearing with loved ones
  • Need constant attention and easily hurt at the slightest snub
  • Can be overpowering and stifling for the family through possessive love
  • Often a parent trying to “over-manage” their child’s life
  • Positive potential: selfless in love, giving without thought of return


  • You’re a daydreamer, fantasising about the future,  absentminded
  • Withdrawn into your own imagination, not living in the present, lost in thought
  • Often drowsy and a heavy sleeper, prone to falling asleep at any time
  • In the positive state, they are sensitive to inspiration which makes them great in creative pursuits or careers
  • Positive potential: lively interest in all things and master of own thoughts

Crab Apple:

  • You don’t like some aspect of your body or mind
  • The cleansing remedy – for feelings of uncleanliness or self-loathing
  • For self-hatred e.g. you dislike your appearance, feel unclean or contaminated
  • You can be obsessive about small things, can be house proud or obsessed with hygiene
  • Positive potential: ability to control thoughts and accept yourself


  • You’re overwhelmed by responsibility
  • Usually a strong character, you suddenly feel inadequate and exhausted
  • Too much pressure and responsibility which can become too much to bear
  • A feeling of not being able to keep up
  • Usually a capable leader, these feelings are temporary
  • Positive potential: capable, efficient and returned confidence


  • You feel despondent and discouraged after a setback
  • Helpful in depressive feelings evoked by a specific circumstance e.g. discouraged school children, failed a job interview, redundancy, a break up
  • You feel quite negative, pessimistic and lost some confidence - but will eventually give it another try
  • May be unable to see how own negative outlook can hinder progress
  • Positive potential: not affected by setbacks, bringing a positive attitude 


  • You feel hopeless despair
  • You feel downhearted and unable to believe things may get better
  • A more pronounced version then Gentian, you feel there’s no light at the end of the tunnel and unwilling to try new treatments
  • Positive potential: hope, faith and strength from within


  • You’re self-centred or self-concerned
  • You like to talk about yourself a lot, find it hard to be alone, always need an audience
  • A poor listener – little interest in others’ problems
  • You monopolise group conversation and consequently can be avoided by others which leaves you lonely
  • You may be obsessed with ailments or personal problems – not always an extrovert
  • Positive potential: to think of others and willing to listen 


  • You feel anger or hatred towards others
  • Outbursts of temper - you are jealous, filled with resentment or need for revenge
  • Strong emotions - rage, anger, envy, jealousy, suspicion, greed
  • Bad temper, aggressive
  • Positive potential: inner harmony and goodwill 


  • You’re stuck in the past and dwell on past memories
  • Regret for missed opportunities or wistful about the “good old days”
  • Those in middle or old age who reminisce about youth, those suffering grief, failed businesses or divorce who can’t let go
  • Positive potential: to cherish past happiness but cut ties and live for the present 


  • You feel mentally weary at the thought of a task ahead
  • Monday morning feeling, a lack of motivation
  • Doubts strength or ability to cope but usually accomplishes
  • You find menial tasks boring and are prone to procrastination
  • Positive potential: spirits lifted and certain of ability


  • You feel impatient with the slow pace of people or things
  • You can be irritable, want everything done in a hurry, finish other people’s sentences
  • More active minds than most and restless which can wear you out
  • You would rather get on and do a job yourself as slow pace of others irritates you
  • Mental tension through frustration
  • Positive potential: patience, to live a life less rushed and relaxed 


  • You lack confidence in your abilities
  • You feel inferior to others and don’t believe in yourself
  • You’re convinced of failure so don’t even attempt to try
  • Positive potential: confidence in your abilities 


  • You’re anxious or fearful about something specific
  • You are fearful about a known problem e.g. illness, money, travelling alone, death, speaking in public…
  • Mimulus is also associated with people who are shy, nervous and blush easily or stammer
  • Positive potential: to face your fears and enjoy life without irrational worry


  • You feel depressed and don't know why
  • Depression, melancholy, gloom, weighed down by dark clouds
  • Reduced energy and lack of drive or joy
  • Depressive feelings come and go with no apparent reason
  • Positive potential: inner serenity and joy, not able to be shaken 


  • You’re overworked and tired but struggle on, don't realise when you need a break
  • Never complain or give up, you struggle on past your limits
  • You’re brave but your strength is beginning to wane
  • May lead to chronic exhaustion if you ignore the body’s natural impulse to rest
  • Positive potential: to understand limits and remain stable under all conditions


  • Your body, mind and spirit are utterly exhausted
  • You’ve reached the last straw… "I'm so exhausted I could cry"
  • Often after a long period of great strain such as long illness, severe lack of sleep, caring for a relative or prolonged poor diet – leaving you weak and tired
  • No reserve energy, everything is an effort, lack of zest
  • Positive potential: to feel restored and energised


  • You feel guilty or blame yourself
  • You punish yourself, apologising even when you’ve done nothing wrong
  • You always think you could have done better and never content with your efforts
  • Positive potential: to take responsibility with a fair and balanced approach 

Red Chestnut:

  • You’re anxious for your loved ones
  • You are overly concerned for the safety of others – terribly afraid or worried
  • Great attachment to people, overprotective, negative harmful thoughts
  • Positive potential: to remain calm and keep perspective

Rock Rose:

  • You are overwhelmed by fear and terror
  • Suddenly escalating anxieties, unable to cope, may physically tremble or sweat
  • Not always rational but very real to that person in that time
  • Useful for nightmares or panic attacks
  • Positive potential: fearlessness and courage

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Rock Water:

  • You’re overly perfectionist and self-disciplined
  • You deny yourself enjoyable things as they don’t fit with your high standards
  • You have strong opinions and can be hard on yourself
  • You live your life by set ideals and expect the same of others – you dislike laziness or shoddiness
  • You want to be seen as an example to others and can be a martyr
  • Positive potential: to be more flexible and less rigid with yourself


  • You struggle to make decisions or experience mood swings
  • Uncertainty and indecision over mostly trivial things
  • Can be useful for those prone to mood swings or changing outlook
  • Can't order thoughts and impulses, inner restlessness, can’t concentrate 
  • Indecisiveness uses up a lot of energy without anything being achieved
  • Positive potential: to make decisions quickly and move on 

Star of Bethlehem:

  • You’re traumatised after a negative experience
  • For shock or grief caused by loss, an accident or disturbing news
  • Inner numbness, sad, paralysing sorrow
  • If trauma is not dealt with immediately, this can manifest itself in different ways further on in life – include this remedy if you think a past trauma may be impacting your present situation and you’re ready to deal with it
  • Positive potential: comfort and soothing of pains

Sweet Chestnut:

  • You can see no end to your suffering
  • Mental despair, you feel like you’ve reached the limit of your endurance
  • You’ve been determined not to give up, but nothing works
  • Utterly helpless and unprotected, acute emergency state for the soul
  • Positive potential: to restore hope and lift sadness  


  • Your enthusiasm consumes you, unable to rest
  • Tense, stressed, mind always ahead, you take on too much
  • Always on, fanatical, firm principles and incensed by injustices
  • Constant mental activity can lead to exhaustion and mental tension
  • Positive potential: ability to unwind and accept other people’s views


  • You like to be in charge and can be overbearing and bossy
  • Powerful energy, leadership qualities but likes to order people about
  • You deliberately use pressure for own egotistical gains
  • Can be aggressive, never doubts one's superiority
  • Positive potential: ability to inspire, to be a wise and understanding leader


  • You are sensitive to change or outside influences
  • This remedy is helpful to those who have difficulty adjusting in transition periods of life e.g. puberty, menopause, marriage, children, divorce, starting a new job, retirement…
  • Also helpful to those who can be led astray from their life path by more dominant characters or you’re unable to break a link from the past
  • You may be sensitive to changes in weather, full moon patterns or when you travel
  • Positive potential: to help adjust to a new life stage & protection from outside influence

Water Violet:

  • You like to be alone, can appear aloof or proud
  • Solitary, quiet and prefer your own company
  • Can put barriers up and appear unapproachable, leading to loneliness
  • Little emotional involvement, stiff upper lip, difficult person to know
  • Positive potential: to connect, open up and not grow too isolated

White Chestnut:

  • You struggle to switch off and have repetitive thoughts
  • Replaying things over in your head, worrying with no respite
  • Mental arguments leave you exhausted and unable to concentrate
  • Useful for insomnia if looking for a natural sleep remedy
  • Positive potential: a calm and controlled mind

Wild Oat:

  • You feel unfulfilled, unable to find your path in life
  • Ambitious and want to achieve something special, just not sure what
  • Constantly starting new things, but none bring happiness, leading to feelings of frustration and boredom
  • Helpful when selecting a career
  • Positive potential: to see clearly what you want in life

Wild Rose:

  • You are apathetic to life and lack enthusiasm
  • Resigned to your fate, lacking vitality or purpose
  • You feel like your circumstances can't change and make no effort to change it – often you don’t realise your role to play in your situation
  • Rather than depressed, you can be quite easy going but have no motivation to take an active interest in the world or bring positive changes to your life
  • Positive potential: enthusiasm and vitality for life


  • You are resentful and self-pitying
  • You feel sorry for yourself and blame others, sulky and bitter
  • Negative, destructive thoughts… "Life can be so unfair"
  • You carry a grudge and begrudge others good fortune
  • Positive potential: optimism and taking full responsibility for your fate

    Bach flower remedies are a quick and easy way to get back on track when you’re feeling out of balance without any side effects. I find the list fascinating because it shows how one remedy can be used for different emotions or mental health issues that have similar symptoms, such as an inability to sleep or being very sensitive. You might also notice some patterns in your own emotions, noticing which ones seem most prevalent at any given time. If any of this resonates with you, why not create your own personalised flower remedy?

    We understand it may be overwhelming - 38 is a lot to read through and digest! We’ve tried to create a website that's easy to navigate and help you refine the right essences for you. You can use the above descriptions to help you decide which are the best fit for you then simply click the button below each remedy description to add to your treatment bottle.

    At Mindful Remedies we only create personalised remedies so each bottle is chosen by you with the essences matching your specific emotions. You can select up to 7 in a bottle.

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    Lucy is readily available for conversations, offering personalised advice to guide you on the path to holistic wellness. It's important to note that she's not only qualified but also registered with the Bach Centre, ensuring that every consultation and remedy adheres to Dr Bach’s original guidelines for expert care and efficacy.