Empowering Kids to Choose Their Own Flower Remedies

Empowering Kids to Choose Their Own Flower Remedies

Introduction for Parents

Childhood can be both beautiful and challenging. As parents, we witness our children experiencing a range of feelings—joy, fear, uncertainty, and everything in between. Bach flower remedies for Children can be a wonderful support for children due to them being natural, safe and having no side effects.

This guide is designed to present these flower essences in a language that resonates with children. By involving your child in selecting remedies, you can help their emotional awareness and independence, giving them the confidence to articulate their feelings and manage their emotions.

Introduction for Children

Welcome to the magical world of Bach flower remedies! Imagine each flower is like a tiny helper, ready to assist you when you're feeling sad, scared, or unsure. These special flowers have unique powers to make you feel better and more confident. By learning about these remedies, you can choose the right ones to help you through different feelings and situations. Let’s dive into this garden of emotions and discover how each flower help you. 

Flower Remedy Descriptions for Kids



  • Feeling: You always try to be happy and make others happy, but sometimes you have worries that you hide behind your smile.
  • Positive Power: Helps you to talk about your worries and feel better, even while keeping your cheerful nature.


  • Feeling: You feel scared or uneasy, but you can't explain why.
  • Positive Power: Makes you feel brave and less worried about unknown fears.


  • Feeling: You find it hard to understand why others do things differently and can get easily annoyed.
  • Positive Power: Helps you to be more patient and understanding with others.


• Feeling: You often say yes to others even when you want to say no. • Positive Power: Gives you the strength to stand up for yourself and make your own choices.


  • Feeling: You doubt your decisions and always ask others if you're doing the right thing.
  • Positive Power: Helps you trust your own choices and be confident.

Cherry Plum:

  • Feeling: You're afraid you might lose control and do something you regret.
  • Positive Power: Gives you the courage to stay calm and in control.

Chestnut Bud:

  • Feeling: You keep making the same mistakes and struggle to learn from them, at school or in everyday life.
  • Positive Power: Helps you notice patterns and learn quickly, so you can do better next time.


  • Feeling: You need a lot of attention and can feel hurt if you're not noticed.
  • Positive Power: Allows you to love others without needing so much attention in return.


  • Feeling: You daydream a lot and don't pay much attention to what's happening now.
  • Positive Power: Helps you stay focused.

Crab Apple:

  • Feeling: You don't like something about yourself and you may like things to be clean and tidy.
  • Positive Power: Helps you accept and love yourself.


  • Feeling: You have too much to do and it feels hard to keep up.
  • Positive Power: Helps you feel strong and ready to handle your tasks, one at a time.
  • Feeling: You get upset or feel sad when things don't go as planned.
  • Positive Power: Encourages you to stay positive and try again.


  • Feeling: You feel hopeless and think things will never get better.
  • Positive Power: Fills you with hope and the strength to keep going.


  • Feeling: You like talking about yourself and need others to listen, but you find it hard to listen to them.
  • Positive Power: Helps you be more interested in others and be a good friend.


  • Feeling: You feel angry or jealous.
  • Positive Power: Helps you feel more loving and kinder towards others.


  • Feeling: You often think about the past and find it hard to enjoy the present.
  • Positive Power: Helps you enjoy your memories but live happily in the present.


  • • Feeling: You feel too tired to start your tasks, like doing homework or chores, and find them boring.
  • Positive Power: Gives you the energy and motivation to get started and finish what you need to do.


  • Feeling: You like to do everything fast or get impatient when things are too slow.
  • Positive Power: Helps you slow down, take your time and be more patient.


  • Feeling: You lack confidence and think others are better than you.
  • Positive Power: Boosts your confidence and helps you believe in yourself.


  • Feeling: You are afraid of something, like the dark or speaking in class.
  • Positive Power: Gives you the courage to face your fears.


  • Feeling: You feel sad for no reason and it's hard to shake off.
  • Positive Power: Brings back your inner sunshine and joy.


  • Feeling: You keep going even when you're tired and forget to take breaks.
  • Positive Power: Helps you understand when to rest and take care of yourself.


  • Feeling: You feel very tired and everything seems like too much effort.
  • Positive Power: Helps you feel energised


  • Feeling: You often feel guilty or think everything is your fault.
  • Positive Power: Teaches you to forgive yourself and not blame yourself unfairly.

Red Chestnut:

  • Feeling: You worry too much about your loved ones and their safety.
  • Positive Power: Helps you to be calm and not overly worried about others.

Rock Rose:

  • Feeling: You feel extremely scared or panicked, like in nightmares but can be day or night
  • Positive Power: Fills you with bravery and helps you feel less afraid.

Rock Water:

  • Feeling: You always want to be perfect
  • Positive Power: Help you to be less hard on yourself and go with the flow.


  • Feeling: You struggle to make decisions and can change your mind a lot
  • Positive Power: Brings calmness and certainty in making decisions.

Star of Bethlehem:

  • Feeling: You are very sad or shocked after something bad happens.
  • Positive Power: Comforts you and helps soothe your sadness.

Sweet Chestnut:

  • Feeling: You feel like you've reached your limit and can't take any more sadness.
  • Positive Power: Brings hope and lightens your heart.


  • Feeling: You get so excited about things that you find it hard to relax.
  • Positive Power: Helps you unwind and chill out.


  • Feeling: You like to be in charge and can sometimes be bossy with others.
  • Positive Power: Helps you to understand others' feelings and be kind.


  • Feeling: You find it hard to deal with changes or new situations.
  • Positive Power: Helps you in adapt to new things whilst staying true to yourself.

Water Violet:

  • Feeling: You prefer to be alone and can seem distant to others.
  • Positive Power: Helps you connect with people and make friends.

White Chestnut:

  • Feeling: You can't stop thinking about the same things over and over.
  • Positive Power: Brings peace to your mind and helps you relax.

Wild Oat:

  • Feeling: You feel unsure about what you want to do in life.
  • Positive Power: Helps you to understand what you like and how you would like to live your life.

Wild Rose:

  • Feeling: You don't feel excited about life and find it hard to get motivated or take an interest in things.
  • Positive Power: Fills you with enthusiasm.


  • Feeling: You feel like life is unfair and it's easy to blame others.
  • Positive Power: Helps you take control of your life and find happiness.

These flower remedies can be like little friends in your pocket, ready to help you face your feelings with strength and positivity. You can mix and match up to seven of these remedies to create your perfect blend, just for you! Simply add the remedies using the buttons above to create your treatment bottle.

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Since 2021, Lucy Edwards, a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner and the driving force behind Mindful Remedies, has connected with clients across the world. Crafting thousands of personalised remedies, Lucy has supported individuals' emotional wellbeing, shipping remedies to far-flung places like the USA, Thailand, and Australia.

Lucy is readily available for conversations, offering personalised advice to guide you on the path to holistic wellness. It's important to note that she's not only qualified but also registered with the Bach Centre, ensuring that every consultation and remedy adheres to Dr Bach’s original guidelines for expert care and efficacy.