The Hornbeam Bach Flower Remedy: An In-Depth Look

The Hornbeam Bach Flower Remedy: An In-Depth Look

Nothing feels more defeating than facing a day when you don't have the energy to get out of bed. The good news is that there are remedies available to help address mental weariness and lack of motivation. One such remedy is Hornbeam Bach flower remedy. Hornbeam is indicated for people who feel mentally tired and lack the energy to face the day. If you're experiencing these symptoms, consider trying Hornbeam. You can read more below.

Hornbeam Bach Flower: For mental weariness

People who need Hornbeam feel tired, worn out and like they’re facing every day with a mental handover – or Monday morning feeling. They struggle to get themselves out of bed at the thought of the day ahead – a sense of monotony perhaps or wanting to procrastinate on things they don’t want to do.

Often when they get themselves going however, their energy levels rise and they can get on with the tasks, however it’s the thought of the task ahead that brings this heavy tired feeling. This happens every morning, yet by the afternoon they will have finished their tasks. Interestingly, when something out of the ordinary or interesting comes along, they perk up and the weariness disappears. It’s a sense of monotony that is often the issue.

If you’re lacking motivation or are constantly being taxed mentally, leaving you feeling exhausted, Hornbeam might be worth a try. This remedy can help to clear your head and revitalise your brain.

Hornbeam bach flower remedy

Hornbeam Bach Flower in Brief

When you're in a negative state, people who need Hornbeam can feel:

  • You feel mentally weary at the thought of a task ahead
  • You suffer a Monday morning feeling constantly – like a mental hangover
  • You have a lack of motivation
  • You find menial tasks boring
  • You’re prone to procrastination
  • You lack enthusiasm
  • The thought of a task ahead provokes debilitating fatigue
  • You feel overburdened by mental demands
  • You have to push yourself to meet your daily requirements
  • You need lots of coffee to get going

While in a positive state, Hornbeam can help you:

  • To lift your spirits
  • To have a lively mind
  • To balance routine and variety
  • To be certain you can achieve your tasks without getting exhausted
  • To appreciate very day – the more routine and the more exciting

If this remedy strikes a chord with you, simply click the button below to incorporate it into your personalised blend. You have the flexibility to select up to seven remedies in your Mindful Remedies treatment bottle.

Other Bach flowers for exhaustion

Hornbeam vs Olive

There are two Bach flowers typically indicated for tiredness. Firstly, Hornbeam, which is for more mental fatigue, typically seen when someone is mentally weary at the thought of a task that lies ahead. Secondly Olive, which is for physical exhaustion where you mind, body and spirit are completely exhausted and you have nothing left in the tank to give. This often occurs at the end of a long illness, caring duties for others or a long period of disturbed sleep. To add Olive to your remedy click below.

hornbeam bach flower remedy

Other alternatives

If you're feeling exhausting, here are some other alterntives you might want to consider instead or as well as Hornbeam or Olive.


Oak is for those who push themselves to the limit, enduring exhaustion without giving in. If someone finds themselves overwhelmed but still soldiering on, Oak can provide the strength to persevere while also acknowledging the need for rest and self care.


Elm is a remedy for the capable individual who suddenly feels overwhelmed by responsibilities. It's as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Elm offers reassurance, helping them regain perspective and manage their workload with a sense of competence.


Mustard is like a burst of sunshine for the soul. When someone is inexplicably down, experiencing a heavy, dark cloud of gloom, Mustard helps lift the mood. It's especially beneficial for those who feel tired not just physically, but emotionally drained, bringing back a sense of lightness and joy.

If all 5 of these remedies resonate, you can use the below button to add all to your remedy.

More about Bach flower remedies

What are Bach flower remedies?

Bach flower remedies are a type of alternative medicine that uses plant extracts to treat various emotional conditions. The remedies were developed by English physician Edward Bach in the 1930s, and each remedy is associated with a specific emotion or condition. The remedies are prepared by placing flowers in water and allowing the sun to energise the water with the flower's vibrational energy. The resulting solution is then taken orally. Bach flower remedies are said to work by restoring balance to the body's energy system. This, in turn, helps the body to heal itself. Because they are safe and non-toxic, Bach flower remedies can be used by people of all ages, including children and pregnant women.

Selecting your remedies

You can work with up to seven remedies at any one time. Through Mindful Remedies you can create your own personalised mix choosing any of the 38 remedies. You can also book an online consultation with Lucy a Bach flower practitioner who will be able to provide a safe space for you to discuss your problems and then select your remedies based on your conversation.

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