Bach Flower Remedies as Natural ADHD Treatments: My Personal Experience

Bach Flower Remedies as Natural ADHD Treatments: My Personal Experience

Finding natural ADHD treatments is something that I have been interested in for a while now. I am undiagnosed with ADHD but have suspected I have ADHD since about two years ago. I have struggled with it my entire life. Though I'm probably not "severe" ADHD, I certainly tick a lot of the boxes in terms of ADHD symptoms:

  • Mind working at 100 miles an hour, flitting from one thing to the next
  • Completely disorganised, lose things, forgetful
  • Zero attention to detail
  • Head sometimes in the clouds, not always able to fully pay attention to conversations
  • Easily distracted diverting off to different tasks constantly
  • Easily overwhelmed
  • Rejection sensitivity
  • Very impulsive and impatient
  • Constantly starting new hobbies, ideas or businesses
  • Always on the go - if not physically then mentally - I have a hard time switching off!
  • Complete burn out from stressful work situations

Looking for Natural ADHD Remedies

I wanted to write this blog post to share the Bach flower remedies that I feel have helped me and also my daughter who is also undiagnosed ADHD. This is written as first hand experience from myself as a Bach flower practitioner, rather than "this is the best natural ADHD treatment."

I don't love taking pharmaceuticals or medication and I always get side effects from drugs so for me personally I prefer to look to natural remedies first before going down a pharmaceutical route - though I hear that ADHD medication can be brilliant for many people and everyone should be free to make their own choices.

I've read about many different natural ADHD remedies, supplements and herbal remedies including Omega 3, magnesium, probiotics, L Tyrosine etc, though for the purposes of this blog I want to focus solely on Bach flower remedies for ADHD as a) I'm a Bach flower practitioner so this is my area of expertise and, b) because little has been written about Bach flower remedies for ADHD from what I can see and I'd love to help raise awareness. As mentioned above, this is a personal story, not medical advice and in no way trying to "cure" ADHD. In fact, I do believe ADHD and neurodiversity as a whole can be a superpower when you understand your brain, how it works, how to best manage it and structure your life around it. Bach flower remedies are not a miracle fix but I've found they can be helpful to manage many of the symptoms that go along with ADHD.

What are Bach flower remedies?

It makes sense to start with this since many people might not have hard of Bach flower remedies, though you may have heard of Rescue Remedy (a five flower remedy mix.) There are 38 Bach flower remedies, each relating to a different emotion. Each flower remedy has a positive and a negative. If we fall into the negative end of the scale, flower remedies can help to rebalance our emotions and bring you back into alignment, reminding your body how to be.

Dr Bach created the flower remedy system in the 1930s, having been a physician and homeopath. Similarly to homeopathy, they work on an energetic basis and they are an alternative, holistic treatment for many emotional issues including anxiety, depression, motivation, sleep issues and more.

Bach flower remedies are completely natural, gentle and have no side effects. They are safe for all ages and you can select an alcohol-free version at the checkout if this is your preference.

Create a remedy today

At Mindful Remedies we offer the ability to create your own personalised flower remedy blend choosing up to seven flower remedies in a treatment bottle.

ADHD Natural Remedies: Which Bach flowers may help?

These are the Bach flower remedies that have been supportive for myself and my daughter which relate to the characteristics of ADHD.


Vervain is the Bach flower remedy for those who are overly enthusiastic, to the point of being fanatical... which can lead to stress and burnout. People who need Vervain have an inability to rest, their enthusiasm consumes them! They often have firm principles and try to convert people to their cause. They're very idealistic, intense and don't know when to stop. They are totally keyed up, unable to relax, overdo things, wound up inside and always "on." Children who need Vervain can often be hyperactive and difficult to put to bed at night. From an ADHD perspective, this relates to hyperactivity, hyper focus and always being on the go. This remedy helps the person to unwind.


Impatiens is the flower remedy for people who are impatient and a need for things to go quickly otherwise they get irritable. People who need Impatiens do everything quickly and find it difficult to wait for things to run their natural course. They interrupt people and find it difficult to sit still. They often prefer to work alone as they can't wait for other people and want to do things at their own pace. Their need for speed often means they make careless mistakes however. They have a great desire for independence. If things aren't progressing as quickly as they wish, they'll get irritated and brusque. On the positive, they are quick thinking and quick witted. This remedy relates to the hyperactive traits of ADHD if you are hyperactive or combined type. This remedy helps with patience and slowing down.


Clematis is the Bach flower remedy for focus and attention. If you need Clematis your head is in the clouds, daydreaming, lost in thought and absent-minded. Clematis people are quite scatterbrained and live mostly in a fantasy world. Sometimes the person doesn't seem completely present in the world. They have a difficulty paying attention and a poor memory. Clematis types are often creative and well suited to a career in this field - though they sometimes have difficulty tapping into these talents as their mind isn't connected to the present. This remedy is great for grounding and bringing the person back into the present day. From an ADHD perspective this remedy is helpful for those with inattentive or combined type and can help with lack of focus, disorganisation and distractibility.


Walnut is the flower remedy for those who are overly sensitive to outside influence, who can easily be led astray by others who are more dominant characters or who are influenced heavily by the world around them. They are very easily influenced and need protection from outside energies. Walnut is very helpful during times of change as well - helping to break old links with the past and move forward. It is helpful in taking great leaps forward. For me this has been a very powerful remedy helping to transform my life, finally making big decisions about how to live my life. From an ADHD perspective I think many of us are very sensitive to other people's energies and comments (rejection sensitivity) and can feel deeply other people's emotions. Walnut helps to put a bit of a protective barrier around you to help you to not absorb these energies to the same extent. I also find it really helpful during a full moon to help with sleep if your sleep is affected by the lunar patterns.

White Chestnut:

White Chestnut is the flower remedy for overthinking, constant mental arguments and unwanted thoughts. White Chestnut people have a mind that goes round like a hamster wheel, constantly replaying a conversation from earlier in the day, worrying with repetitive thoughts. This can often lead to insomnia. This state can also lead to an inability to concentrate if the mind is always preoccupied. This remedy will help bring a calm, controlled mind. For me this remedy helps tremendously with sleep and letting any negative thoughts flow through me.


Scleranthus is the flower remedy relates to balance and is for indecision and uncertainty. This person is like a grasshopper - always swaying between two possibilities or thoughts. They often experience mood swings and experience extreme variations in temperament. They can't make their mind up ever which leads to wasted opportunities and time and can often mean this person is unreliable. The Scleranthus person often has a lack of balance and poise and can be subject to motion sickness. This remedy can help achieve a calm determined mind, poised and balanced, able to make quick decisions.

Chestnut Bud:

Chestnut Bud is for those who often repeat the same mistakes and have a failure to learn from past experiences. They take a long time to learn by experience and experience mental blocks when trying to learn. This remedy helps with better insight, wisdom and observation so the person can gain the knowledge necessary to learn and move forward. This remedy was very helpful for my daughter helping her to stop wetting the bed at night, with reading and learning to use the swing on her own.


Hornbeam is the flower remedy for mental weariness, a lack of motivation to start a task and for those who are prone to procrastination. People who need Hornbeam find menial tasks boring and have a constant "Monday morning" feeling - they find it difficult to get going and suffer mental fatigue. This remedy helps bring strength to start a task and face what initially seems like an insurmountable challenge.

Interested to try these natural remedies for ADHD?

As mentioned in the opening of this blog, these remedies are a summary of the ones that have been helpful for me and my daughter (both undiagnosed ADHD at the moment.) If you think you'd like to try Bach flower remedies you can book a consultation with myself online or create your own remedy through this website. I am a qualified Bach flower practitioner, registered with the Bach centre. I offer online consultations via Zoom where we will discuss what's going on in your life, your emotions and what you'd like help with. I'll then recommend up to seven flower remedies, create a personal blend for you and post this to you.

Alternatively, I have created this website to help others to discover the individual flower remedies and self select the ones they think might work for them. Through the Mindful Remedies website you can create your own blend of up to seven remedies, selecting whichever you think will work best for you and again I'll then mix this up and post it to you.

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Your treatment bottle will last approximately 3 weeks. You should take a minimum of 4 drops, 4 times per day, but more if you feel you need it. You can't overdose on flower remedies and I suggest you follow your intuition and your current state of mind.

As ever, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Since 2021, Lucy Edwards, a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner and the driving force behind Mindful Remedies, has connected with clients across the world. Crafting thousands of personalised remedies, Lucy has supported individuals' emotional wellbeing, shipping remedies to far-flung places like the USA, Thailand, and Australia.

Lucy is readily available for conversations, offering personalised advice to guide you on the path to holistic wellness. It's important to note that she's not only qualified but also registered with the Bach Centre, ensuring that every consultation and remedy adheres to Dr Bach’s original guidelines for expert care and efficacy.