The 10 Most Popular Bach Flower Remedies: Their Meanings and Uses

The 10 Most Popular Bach Flower Remedies: Their Meanings and Uses

If you're looking for a natural way to improve your emotional wellbeing, you may want to consider using Bach flower remedies. This holistic healing method uses flower essences to restore balance in the body and mind. There are many different flowers that can be used in Bach flower therapy, but today we'll focus on the 10 most popular ones as chosen by our customers. Each of these flowers has its own unique meaning and purpose. Keep reading to learn more.

What are Bach flower remedies?

Bach flower remedies are a type of alternative medicine that is based on the knowledge that flowers have healing properties. The remedies are made by infusing water with the essence of different flowers, and they are able to treat a wide range of emotional and physical problems. They can be helpful in managing stress, anxiety, depression and many more emotional issues. There are 38 different Bach flower remedies, each of which targets a specific emotional issue. Many people find them to be helpful in managing their emotional health and wellbeing. Bach flower remedies can be used alone or in combination with other treatments, and many people find them to be helpful in managing various emotional issues.

Which are the most popular Bach flower remedies?

Which flower remedies you choose or which are right for you depends very much on your personal emotions, situation and outlook. However, there are some flower remedies which crop up time and again when speaking with clients or receiving orders through the website. Some of this may be skewed due to the situation we've been in globally these past few years with the pandemic and lockdown bringing a heightened sense of anxiety, stress, a sense of weariness, exhaustion and a feeling of not being sure which path to take, or it may be simply that these are very much factors of our modern day lives. Here we give you the run down on the 10 most popular flower remedies ordered by you, our customers.

At Mindful Remedies we offer the ability to craft your own personalised remedy, choosing up to 7 remedies in a bottle. If any of the remedies below resonate with you, simply click on the buttons below each description to add them to your treatment bottle. 

White Chestnut:

The White Chestnut Bach flower remedy is for those with an overactive mind. People who need this remedy have non-stop thoughts or worries playing in their mind which leads to insomnia, distraction and exhaustion. This can be replaying an event over in your mind, feeling like your mind sounds like a broken record or a worry constantly gnawing at your mind. The positive potential is a calm, composed mind.


The Larch flower remedy is for those who lack confidence in their abilities, don't believe in themselves and are so convinced that they'll fail that they don't even try. This stops Larch people from taking up opportunities that present themselves as they feel they're likely to fail or feel inferior to others. The positive potential is for belief in your abilities and confidence in your strengths.

Wild Oat:

The Wild Oat flower remedy is for those who feel like they lack a purpose in their lives or lack direction. These people are ambitious and constantly trying new things but nothing ever sticks or feels "right." This can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction in life as you feel like you're not truly fulfilled. The positive potential of Wild Oat is finding your vision and inner calling.


Elm is the flower remedy for feelings of overwhelm when pressure and responsibility feel too much. Usually capable, these people feel temporarily lacking in confidence. This can lead to feelings of exhaustion and despondency. You temporarily wonder whether you're really cut out for it and feel almost frozen at the thought of your 'to do' list, unable to decide which item to tackle first. The positive potential is to feel capable and confident.


The Agrimony Bach flower remedy for those who put on a brave face but underneath they're suffering a quiet torment. Outwardly cheerful, these people don't acknowledge their struggles until late evening often when the fun activities of the day have faded away and they're left alone with their thoughts. This can lead to them turning to alcohol or drugs to quiet their distressed mind. The positive potential of this remedy is truthfulness with oneself to acknowledge and deal with problems.


Olive is the flower remedy for physical exhaustion, where body, mind and soul have been left utterly depleted. For example after a long illness, long period of sleeplessness or looking after another person. This person is completely drained of all reserves and has nothing left. This remedy is often helpful is the treatment of Long Covid, CFS and ME. The positive potential of this remedy is restoration.

Star of Bethlehem:

Star of Bethlehem is the remedy for shock and trauma. This may be an immediate trauma such as the death of a loved one or it may be a trauma from a while ago which hasn't been dealt with which is still causing pain to this day. Unfortunately many of us have had to deal with trauma in our lives so this remedy can be indicated quite often. The positive potential of Star of Bethlehem is comfort.

Crab Apple:

Crab Apple is the Bach flower remedy for self-hatred or self-disgust where the person feels a loathing of themselves, feels sinful and feels unclean. This negative perspective of themselves internally can often manifest itself externally as obsessive behaviour (or OCD) where they feel the need to clean the house rigorously or have everything in just the right place. The positive potential of this remedy is a sense of self love and seeing things in perspective.


Hornbeam is the flower remedy for mental weariness and a Monday morning feeling . This remedy is helpful if you feel you have to drag yourself out of bed each morning, procrastinate on tasks or feel generally lacking in energy to face each day. However, once getting started these people often find their rhythm and can get on with things. The problem is getting started and the mere thought of the task ahead. The positive potential of Hornbeam is a lively and motivated mind.


Mimulus is the flower remedy for anxiety or fears about a specific thing, for example health, money, work... It is called the "what if" flower remedy, as people who need it often think "what if...." and start conjuring up different scenarios in their minds. It's helpful for specific phobias and is also indicated for people who are shy, blush easily or are nervous in other people's company. The positive potential is fearlessness.

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Interested to try Bach flower remedies?

You can select up to seven flower remedies to mix in a bottle at any one time. Any more than this and the remedies will cloud each other and not work as effectively. At Mindful Remedies we offer the chance to create your own blend mixing up to seven remedies in your own personalised Bach flower remedy bottle. Alternatively you may be interested to get more expert advice from a Bach flower practitioner in which case you can book an online consultation over Zoom and receive personalised recommendations based on your specific emotions and situation.

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What to learn more about Bach flower remedies?

Check out our FAQs and 5 star reviews.

If you'd like a little help finding the right remedies for you, we've created a handy Bach flower remedies diagnostic chart which lists some common emotions and some related remedies that you should consider to help rebalance those emotions.



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