Cherry Plum Flower Remedy: An In Depth Look

Cherry Plum Flower Remedy: An In Depth Look

If you're among the millions of people who suffer from mental health problems, you may be interested in trying the Cherry Plum Bach flower remedy. Cherry Plum is one of 38 flower remedies created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s to support emotional wellbeing and mental health as a way of supporting overall health.

People who need the Cherry Plum flower remedy fear that they are losing control or going crazy. They might fear they are on the verge of a mental breakdown or have sudden outbreaks of rage or anger. In this post, we'll discuss who might need Cherry Plum Bach flower remedy and how it can help improve mental health issues. We'll also provide some tips for using these remedies safely and effectively. So, if you're looking for a natural way to manage your mental health symptoms, read on!

Cherry Plum Bach Flower: For fear of the mind losing control

Cherry Plum Bach flower remedy is for those who feel that their mind might give way. That the mind is under so much strain it can’t take much more. The person feels like they’re at the edge of breaking point and fear what they might do next. They have been under so much stress and strain, and they are completely overloaded and can’t think rationally anymore. Sometimes people might describe it like sitting on a powder keg, on the verge of exploding.

Mental Breakdown

Sometimes it’s not always obvious that a person is in this negative Cherry Plum state as we are often taught by society to repress these feelings and keep a calm outer exterior, no matter what is going on inside. Perhaps the person isn’t even allowing themselves to feel these extreme emotions in an open way. This can be linked to a fear of letting go and being open with your feelings.

In its most extreme state, there is a danger of suicide or the possibility of hurting others in which case emergency medical help should be sought immediately.

In the positive state, the remedy provides composure, courage and strength to deal with emotions and express them fully.

Cherry Plum Bach Flower in Brief

When you're in a blocked state, Cherry Plum can manifest itself as:

  • You can barely control yourself
  • You’re so stressed or wound up you can’t fully express your feelings
  • You fear you might be heading for a nervous breakdown
  • You feel like there’s a ticking time bomb inside you
  • You may experience rage or violent outbursts
  • You experience extreme inner tension
  • You may feel suicidal

You are strongly advised to seek medical help if you are on the extreme end of these feelings.

While in a healthy state, Cherry Plum can help with:

  • You feel composed
  • You have strength and courage
  • You can express your feelings

If this remedy strikes a chord with you, simply click the button below to incorporate it into your personalised blend. You have the flexibility to select up to seven remedies in your Mindful Remedies treatment bottle.

Cherry Plum Use Cases – Parents & Children

We are often faced with situations that might test our patience to the extreme, for example parenting can come with many fraught situations, dealing with screaming children, siblings fighting, constant nagging or not listening…. Many parents end up feeling pushed to breaking point and on the verge of a breakdown. The Cherry Plum remedy can help bring a sense of composure and strength. In addition, parents should try to create some time for themselves and focus on self-care or reaching out to a support network. At an extreme some may feel like they may hit their child. Please seek help from a medical professional in this case.

With regards to children, children who wet the bed can often benefit from Cherry Plum flower remedy. These children spend the day trying not to lose control. At night-time there is no conscious control, and they express their inner anxieties by wetting the bed.

Toddler tantrum

Cherry Plum flower remedy can also be supportive for toddlers who are in the midst of a meltdown and have lost control to help them regain composure. It is also worthwhile exploring other flower remedies alongside Cherry Plum as there are often reasons why a child is having a tantrum – for example impatience with not being able to do something (in which case you’d look to add Impatiens) or being angry or spiteful towards someone (in which case you’d look to add Holly.)

Understanding Bach flower remedies

What are Bach flower remedies?

Dr Edward Bach, an English homeopath and doctor, developed 38 natural essences to support people's emotions in the 1930s. He discovered that negative thoughts and feelings damaged our energy system and had a powerful impact on us emotionally. He discovered 38 flower essences that were able to resolve these conflicts in our subconscious; thus helping us to restore the damage to our energy system. Each individual flower remedy relates to a different negative emotion. This emotion has led your body to be out of balance. By taking the remedy, the body’s energy correct itself and comes back into balance, allowing the person to continue on their life path. 

The flower remedy system is based on a holistic, complementary method that has been used for emotional healing since the 1930s. It is still utilised by millions of individuals all over the world who are looking for a simple technique to address their day-to-day issues and support their mental health.

Create your own Bach flower remedy combination

If any of the above statements seem to describe you, and you would want to create your own personalised remedy including Cherry Plum and other Bach flower essence preparations, Mindful Remedies provides the ability to create a customised flower remedy. Choose from any of the 38 different Bach flower essences available in combination with a maximum of seven per bottle.

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We only provide customised flower remedies at Mindful Remedies since we feel it gives the best outcome to enhance your emotional wellness. We are all individuals, and any health supplements should ideally be tailored to the individual and their needs.

Mindful Remedies

Personal Consultations with a Bach flower practitioner

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify our own emotions or you might feel drawn to all 38! This is natural as we all travel in and out of different emotions. When selecting the right remedy, it’s important to identify the issues or emotions being impacted the most at this current time. Sometimes it helps to get an outside opinion from an expert who might be able to help uncover a different perspective.

If you’d like to get advice from an expert, you might want to book a consultation with a Bach flower practitioner. Through Mindful Remedies you can book an online consultation which would take place over Zoom or FaceTime. The session is 50 minutes long and your practitioner will ask questions about what’s going on in your life before identifying some suggested flower remedies especially for you.

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How do you take Bach flower remedies?

Bach flower remedies are taken by mouth, either straight on the tongue or mixed in a glass of water. The minimum dose is four drops, four times a day. You can't overdose on Bach flower remedies so feel free to take more often if you are feeling particularly strained.

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Since 2021, Lucy Edwards, a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner and the driving force behind Mindful Remedies, has connected with clients across the world. Crafting thousands of personalised remedies, Lucy has supported individuals' emotional wellbeing, shipping remedies to far-flung places like the USA, Thailand, and Australia.

Lucy is readily available for conversations, offering personalised advice to guide you on the path to holistic wellness. It's important to note that she's not only qualified but also registered with the Bach Centre, ensuring that every consultation and remedy adheres to Dr Bach’s original guidelines for expert care and efficacy.