The Chicory Bach Flower Remedy: An In-Depth Look

The Chicory Bach Flower Remedy: An In-Depth Look

Chicory Bach flower remedy is for those who are selfish, possessive or overbearing with their loved ones. If you tend to put your own needs first, Chicory can help to restore balance in your relationships. Chicory is also helpful for those who feel taken for granted or ignored. If you're not getting the love and attention you need, consider trying this remedy. It can help create more harmony in your relationships, so everyone can enjoy life a little bit more. Learn more about the Chicory Bach flower remedy and how it can help you in this blog post.

Chicory Bach Flower: For demanding, selfish love

Chicory Bach flower remedy is for those who tend to over-care for their loved ones, always wishing for them to be close by and feeling snubbed if their loved ones don’t give constant attention and love. It is known as the Mothering flower remedy as this negative state can appear with mothers or fathers in over-caring for their children. This possessive, selfish love can be stifling for the family and overbearing. This can often involve trying to over-manage a child’s life, organising everything for them and dictating what subjects to study or what career path to take.

People in the negative state can often resort to emotional blackmail to get what they want – something which can often be seen in children as well. The negative Chicory state is all about gaining influence and making demands of other people. They expect a lot from others and are easily snubbed by the smallest slight. Love is conditional and much is expected in return.

Overbearing mother

Behind this emotional state, lies a person who is unfulfilled in life.

The positive potential of Chicory is for selfless love, respecting others’ choices in life and providing them freedom to explore their own path.

Chicory Bach Flower in Brief

When you're in a negative state, people who need can feel:

  • You are possessive or selfish in love
  • You are demanding of your loved ones
  • You expect a lot in return
  • You need constant attention and affection and can be easily slighted
  • You can be stifling or your family, over-managing their lives
  • You love is conditional – “I’ll love you if…”
  • You can be manipulative and resort to emotional blackmail
  • You feel that loved ones owe you for your affection and sometimes feel a lack of gratitude

While in a positive state, Chicory can help you:

  • To love unconditionally and selflessly
  • To give without expecting in return
  • To look for fulfilment from within

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Overbearing mother

Other Bach flowers for parents

While parenting can be a joyous and rewarding experience, it can also be overwhelming, exhausting, and even boring at times. This is perfectly normal - after all, raising a child is a huge responsibility! However, it's important to find ways to cope with these negative feelings so that they don't overpower the positive aspects of parenting. Here are some more flower remedies you might want to consider to support your emotional wellbeing whilst juggling the demands of parenthood:


  • You can be intolerant, judgemental & critical
  • Easily irritated & doesn’t suffer fools gladly
  • You like order & precision, can’t see why others wouldn’t live like you
  • Positive potential: tolerance & compassion for others



Cherry Plum

  • You fear you might lose control
  • Nerves are stretched to breaking point, uncontrolled outbreaks of rage
  • You feel like you’re heading for a breakdown, a ticking time bomb
  • Positive potential: courage and composure 




  • You’re overwhelmed by responsibility
  • Usually a strong character, you suddenly feel inadequate
  • Too much pressure & responsibility
  • A feeling of not being able to keep up
  • Positive potential: returned confidence 




  • You’re stuck in the past & dwell on past memories
  • Regret for missed chances or wistful about good old days
  • Can’t let go - reminisce youth, past love, failed career
  • Positive potential: cherish past but live for present




  • You’re overworked & tired but struggle on
  • Don't realise when you need a break
  • Never complain or give up, you struggle on
  • May lead to chronic exhaustion if ignore body’s need to rest
  • Positive potential: to understand limits



Red Chestnut

  • You’re anxious for your loved ones
  • You are overly concerned for the safety of others – terribly afraid or worried
  • Great attachment to people, overprotective
  • Positive potential: to remain calm & keep perspective



Wild Oat

  • You feel unfulfilled, unable to find your path in life
  • Ambitious & want to achieve, just not sure what
  • Constantly start new things, but none bring happiness
  • Frustrated & bored
  • Positive potential: find path in life



Wild Rose

  • You are apathetic to life and lack enthusiasm
  • Resigned to fate, lacking vitality or purpose
  • No motivation to take an active interest or bring positive changes to your life
  • Positive potential: enthusiasm & vitality



What are Bach flower remedies and how do I create a remedy?

Bach flower remedies are a natural form of medicine that uses flower essences to help heal emotional imbalances. The theory behind Bach flower remedies is that our emotions are connected to our physical health, and so by addressing our emotional needs, we can also improve our physical wellbeing. There are 38 different Bach flower remedies, each one corresponding to a different emotion or state of mind. Bach flower remedies are gentle and safe to use, and can be a helpful tool for managing stress, anxiety, and other emotional issues. You simply take a minimum of four drops, four times per day in your mouth or added to a drink.

To create a personalised flower remedy, selecting up to seven flower remedies in a bottle, you can head to either our personalised remedy page to select from all 38 flower remedies or our flower remedies for parents page which has all the remedies listed above plus more flower essences specifically selected to help parents. 

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