Healing Past Regrets with Bach Flower Remedies (and Moving Forward)

Healing Past Regrets with Bach Flower Remedies (and Moving Forward)

Life is a journey filled with twists and turns, and along the way, we often encounter moments of regret. Whether it's a missed opportunity, a decision we wish we hadn't made, or a relationship we could have handled better, past regrets can weigh heavily on our hearts and minds. Holding onto past regrets can leave you in a state of inaction, stopping you from moving forward in your life. However, there is hope for healing and Bach Flower Remedies can be part of that journey.

In this article, we explore what Bach Flower Remedies are and how they can help you move on from past regrets, gain wisdom and embrace a brighter future. We delve into specific remedies that can aid in this transformative journey and explore the top five biggest regrets of the dying which act as a wonderful reminder to live life authentically and purposefully.

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What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach Flower Remedies, developed by Dr Edward Bach in the early 20th century, are a natural and holistic approach to emotional healing and wellbeing. These remedies are based on the idea that emotional imbalances are at the root of many physical and mental health issues. Dr Bach believed that by addressing these emotional imbalances, individuals could experience profound healing and personal growth.

Bach Flower Remedies consist of 38 different flower essences, each corresponding to a specific emotional state. These essences are created through a gentle and mindful process of infusing spring water with the energetic imprint of the flowers. They work by harmonising and balancing negative emotions, helping individuals shift from a state of distress to a state of inner peace and equilibrium. They can help with many different emotions including anxiety, depression, stress, confidence and much more.

Bach remedies are natural, safe and gentle acting with no known side effects. They are safe for all ages including pregnant women and babies and can be used alongside existing medication. 

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Moving On from Past Regrets: Remedies for Change

Regrets from the past can often hold us back, preventing us from living fully in the present and achieving our future goals. However, Bach Flower Remedies offer a unique way to address these regrets and move forward with newfound wisdom and resilience.


Honeysuckle Bach flower remedy is the remedy helpful for those who dwell on the past, constantly replaying memories and feeling trapped by them. It encourages us to let go of what cannot be changed and embrace the present moment. By using Honeysuckle, individuals can release the grip of past regrets and begin to appreciate the beauty of the here and now.


Walnut acts as a support during times of change and transition. It helps create a sense of stability and resilience, allowing individuals to break free from the influence of past regrets and make choices that align with their true selves. This remedy is especially valuable for those who struggle to move forward and let go of the past or who need to make major life decisions.

Chestnut Bud

If you find yourself repeating the same mistakes or patterns, Chestnut Bud can provide valuable insights. This remedy encourages self-reflection and learning from past experiences. It allows you to break the cycle of making the same mistakes over and over by promoting insight and awareness of your actions.

White Chestnut

White Chestnut is a soothing essence for a racing mind filled with repetitive thoughts about past regrets. It helps calm the mental chatter, allowing space for clarity and inner peace. This remedy is especially useful for those who struggle with intrusive and unwanted thoughts or insomnia.

Star of Bethlehem

Past regrets can often result from emotional trauma. Star of Bethlehem essence is a remedy for healing emotional wounds and providing comfort. It offers solace and helps individuals process and release the pain associated with past regrets, allowing for inner healing to take place.

You can also view the full list of 38 Bach flower remedies and their descriptions and see if any others resonate.

The Weight of Regrets on the Dying 

In the final moments of life, when the boundaries between the past and the present blur, regrets often come to the forefront of one's consciousness. There are some common "biggest regrets of the dying" and these insights provide a powerful reminder of the significance of addressing regrets before they become an inevitable burden. 

  1. Not Living True to Themselves: One of the most common regrets among the dying is not living life in alignment with their true selves. Many have spent years conforming to societal expectations, pursuing careers or relationships that were not authentic to them. In their final moments, they yearn for the freedom to have been themselves and lived life on their terms. Bach Flower Remedies, with their ability to restore inner harmony, can help individuals shed the weight of societal pressures and embark on a journey of self-discovery and authenticity.
  1. Working Too Hard: Another regret frequently expressed by those facing the end of their lives is the excessive focus on work and career at the expense of personal relationships and well-being. They realise that the long hours at the office didn't bring the happiness and fulfilment they had hoped for. Bach remedies can support individuals in finding balance between their professional and personal lives, prioritising their emotional well-being and connections with loved ones.

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  1. Not Expressing Feelings: Many dying individuals regret not having expressed their feelings openly and honestly, often leading to unresolved conflicts and unspoken emotions. Bach Flower Remedies, such as Agrimony, can help individuals overcome their fear of confrontation and encourage authentic communication, paving the way for healing and reconciliation.
  1. Losing Touch with Friends: As life progresses, people tend to prioritise work and family, sometimes at the expense of friendships. The dying often regret not having maintained and nurtured these connections. Bach remedies like Water Violet can help individuals rekindle old friendships and establish new ones, fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  1. Not Pursuing Their Dreams: Many individuals nearing the end of their lives lament the dreams and aspirations they left unfulfilled. They wish they had taken more risks and pursued their passions wholeheartedly. Bach remedies like Wild Oat can help individuals clarify their goals and provide the courage and determination needed to chase their dreams, no matter how late in life it may be.

Taking Action to Live Life Without Regrets

The regrets of the dying serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of living authentically, nurturing relationships, and pursuing one's dreams.

Now is the time to take action. Don't let the weight of past regrets hold you back. If any of these Bach flower remedies resonate with you, you can create a personalised remedy, selecting up to seven remedies in a treatment bottle, tailored specifically to your emotions. This is your chance to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, emotional healing and personal growth.

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Alternatively, consider booking a consultation with a Bach flower practitioner like Lucy Edwards, founder of Mindful Remedies. She can provide expert guidance and support in crafting a remedy that suits your unique needs and circumstances.

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Remember, life is too precious to be lived with regrets. With the power of Bach Flower Remedies and the guidance of compassionate practitioners, you can embrace a brighter future filled with authenticity, meaningful connections, and the pursuit of your dreams. Don't wait. Take action today and live a life that leaves no room for regret.

about the author

Since 2021, Lucy Edwards, a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner and the driving force behind Mindful Remedies, has connected with clients across the world. Crafting thousands of personalised remedies, Lucy has supported individuals' emotional wellbeing, shipping remedies to far-flung places like the USA, Thailand, and Australia.

Lucy is readily available for conversations, offering personalised advice to guide you on the path to holistic wellness. It's important to note that she's not only qualified but also registered with the Bach Centre, ensuring that every consultation and remedy adheres to Dr Bach’s original guidelines for expert care and efficacy.