The Ageing Process: How To Be Comfortable With It

The Ageing Process: How To Be Comfortable With It

Nobody likes the ageing process, but it's something that we all have to go through. It can be tough emotionally, especially if you're not comfortable with how you look or feel as you get older. But ageing doesn't have to be a negative experience – there are ways to embrace it and make the most of it. In this post, we'll explore some of the things you can do to be more comfortable with ageing. So, if you're feeling scared or anxious about growing old, read on! Plus we'll talk you through some natural remedies that can help with the emotional side of ageing.

Why Do People Dislike Ageing? 

As people age, they tend to experience many physiological and psychological changes which can lead to feelings of insecurity and dislike. A common fear is that physical ageing leads to decline in abilities; such as strength, memory, stamina and mobility. In addition, visible signs like wrinkles and greying hair can be aesthetic reminders of this decline. Social stigmas surrounding ageing also play a role in the way older adults view themselves. For some older adults their changing identity, including retirement, loss of job and changed family structure can compound these feelings of dislike towards ageing. People may also develop a sense of regret at things they feel they may have lost out on because of where life has brought them. The truth is everyone ages differently but understanding the fullness of the human experience helps one accept each stage as part of life's journey.

Accepting the ageing process

How to Embrace Getting Older & Ageing Gracefully

Embracing age is the key to ageing gracefully. With ageing comes a wealth of knowledge and experience that few other life stages offer. Although it may not always be easy, ageing can bring peace and growth to your life - learning from past mistakes and continuing to strive for a better tomorrow. Avoiding the natural ageing process by trying to preserve your youth isn’t sustainable or enjoyable – as time passes, we learn resilience and wisdom, allowing ourselves to enjoy every moment in our lives without fear of judgement or comparisons. Finding personal fulfilment is the ultimate goal and ageing can be an empowering experience.

What To Do if You’re Struggling To Accept The Ageing Process 

Although ageing is a natural process and something we all have to go through, it can definitely be hard to accept. There are several things you can do to help with the ageing process from a physical perspective, such as maintaining an active lifestyle, eating nutritious foods and finding ways to keep your mind sharp. Learning to age gracefully and accepting that ageing comes with various physical changes can also make it easier to come to terms with. It's important to remember that ageing has its benefits, too! We gain wisdom over time and our social circles often become richer as we meet new people in different stages of life. Taking up a hobby you may never have considered before or even just taking time out for yourself each day could start you on the journey towards ageing gracefully.

If you’d like a little help emotionally to move forward positively in this new stage of life, you may also want to consider Bach flower remedies. Never heard of them before? Many people have used Rescue Remedy in times of crisis to help get through a difficult period in life or a stressful situation. However, did you know there are actually 38 different flower remedies, each of which relates to a different emotional issue which has tipped out of balance. There are remedies for anxiety, stress, depression, motivation and so much more. They’re a completely natural, safe and gentle way of managing your emotional wellbeing without side effects. They are safe to use for all ages and can be used alongside existing medication without interacting. So, if you’re interested in learning more about which Bach flower remedies might help you accept the ageing process and embrace this stage of life, read on for our recommendations on which remedies may help.

Which Bach Flower Remedies Can Help Accept the Ageing Process?

Whether you’re struggling to accept your changing looks or can’t let go of the past, here’s a few remedies that might be able to help. At Mindful Remedies we offer the ability to craft your own personalised remedy, choosing up to 7 remedies in a bottle. If any of the remedies below resonate with you, simply click on the buttons below each description to add them to your treatment bottle.


You’re stuck in the past and can’t let go of past memories. Perhaps this is regrets for missed chances or reminiscing about your youth. You can’t let go which means you can’t move forward in life or enjoy the present.


You are resentful and bitter about your current situation. You’re sulky and feel sorry for yourself. You may have little understanding of how your own actions may have contributed to your current situation. 

Rock Water

You’re overly perfectionist. In the context of ageing you may be having trouble accepting that your looks are fading and you’re wanting to reverse the ageing process to maintain your high ideal standards. You may be considering cosmetic surgery to try maintain this idea of perfection. This remedy will help you overcome perfectionism.


This is the remedy to help with change and changing circumstances. It’s helpful to take during any transition period to help you move forward positively, break any links with the past and stay true to yourself and your life path.


You fear ageing and are anxious about the ageing process. Mimulus is the remedy for anxieties about a known thing. If your feelings around ageing are anxieties for whatever reason, give Mimulus a try.


Aspen is also a remedy for anxiety, but this remedy is for anxiety for no known cause. In this case, it may be fear of the unknown or trepidation of what lies ahead.

Accepting the ageing process

Crab Apple

You dislike your looks fading and are struggling to come to terms with the change in your appearance. This remedy is called The Cleansing Remedy as it can help rid your mind and body of negative thoughts about yourself. You may need this remedy if you feel unclean in some way or are obsessive about small things such as your appearance or keeping the house a certain way.

Star of Bethlehem

This remedy would be appropriate if you feel you’re grieving the loss of your youth. This remedy is for trauma, grief or shock and can bring comfort to your soul.

Wild Rose

You lack enthusiasm for life and have lost that spring in your step or a spark of vitality. You are apathetic to life and just plodding through it without any motivation to take an active interest in life.


You’re physically exhausted and energy completely drained. Your body, mind and soul are completely depleted.

Do any of these remedies resonate with you?

You can take up to seven Bach flower remedies at any one time. Through Mindful Remedies you can create your own personalised remedy blend, combining any seven from the full list of 38 Bach flower remedies.

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