The Hidden Messages of Water – An overview of Dr Emoto’s work

The Hidden Messages of Water – An overview of Dr Emoto’s work

Water is essential for our existence, and we have always been fascinated by its mysteries. In 2001, Dr Masaru Emoto published a book called "The Hidden Messages of Water," which explores the idea that the molecular structure of water changes when exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds, and intentions. This book has had a profound impact on many people's lives, and it continues to inspire us to think differently about the world around us. 

Who is Dr Masaru Emoto?

Dr Masaru Emoto was a Japanese researcher who devoted his life to the study of water. He believed that water is not just a physical substance, but it also has a consciousness that can be influenced by human emotions and intentions. He conducted numerous experiments that involved exposing water to different stimuli and observing its molecular structure using a technique called "photography of frozen water." Dr Emoto's work has been widely celebrated for its innovative approach to understanding the mysteries of water.

What's this book about?

"The Hidden Messages of Water" is a ground-breaking book that presents Dr Emoto's findings on the effects of human consciousness on water. The book is filled with stunning photographs of water crystals that have been exposed to different words, thoughts, and intentions. Dr Emoto observed that water crystals exposed to positive emotions like love and gratitude formed beautiful, symmetrical shapes, while water crystals exposed to negative emotions like hate and anger were distorted and disfigured.

Below you can see some water crystal photographs from Dr. Emoto’s work. Each water crystal you see was exposed to the word it has written next to it prior to being photographed:

dr emoto

dr emoto

dr emoto 

How does it apply to me?

Dr Emoto's work has important implications for our daily lives since our bodies are mostly made up of water. By being mindful of our thoughts and emotions, we can positively influence the molecular structure of water in our bodies and the world around us. We can also become more aware of the power of our words and intentions, and how they can affect our health and wellbeing.

How does this relate to the laws of attraction?

The idea that "like attracts like" is a fundamental principle of the laws of attraction. Dr Emoto's work supports this idea by showing that positive emotions and intentions can attract positive experiences, while negative emotions and intentions can attract negative experiences. By being mindful of our thoughts and emotions, we can align ourselves with the positive energies of the universe and attract more abundance, joy, and love into our lives.

The Role of Water & Bach flower remedies

Water is use as a carrier for the messages that the flowers are wanting to relay to the body. During the making process (either sun or boiling method) the vibrational imprint of the individual flower is transferred to the water. When the person takes the flower remedy by mouth, this impacts the person’s energy and provides subtle energy shifts to bring the person back into alignment.

Spring water is used in the creation of Bach flower remedies because it is believed to be a pure and natural source of water. Spring water comes from underground sources and is naturally filtered through layers of rock and soil, which can give it a unique composition of minerals and other substances. Dr Bach believed that the use of spring water was important because it allowed the flower essences to be preserved in a pure and natural form. He believed that any impurities in the water could interfere with the effectiveness of the flower essences, so he specifically chose spring water for its purity.

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