What's your type remedy?

What's your type remedy?

When we look at the remedy descriptions, it’s common to think I need them all! That’s because as we go through our everyday lives, we all experience a wide range of emotions or moods so we can sympathise with a lot of the descriptions. All of the 38 flower remedies can be used to support passing emotions and we call these mood remedies. When selecting mood remedies remember to choose based on your current feelings right now.

However, some can also be type remedies as well as mood remedies i.e. the remedy descriptions fits with your personality or traits that are more fundamental to your nature. Typically, when things go wrong or when we feel out of balance, our type remedy comes to the fore in how we react. It requires a level of self-awareness and it may not always be apparent which one you are so may take some time to discover. Most people will have one type remedy but some may have two or more.

We typically understand 16 of the remedies to be type remedies, can you work out which one you are? What about friends or family?

The 16 most common type remedies 

Agrimony – You laugh things off, avoid arguments and come across as carefree but underneath may be hiding worries

Mimulus – You are shy, timid and dislike social occasions

Clematis – Your head is in the clouds, daydreaming and planning things that may never happen

Impatiens – You are quick minded, quick in your mannerisms and quick tempered

Beech – You lack understanding about the problems of others – always seeing them as failings or foolishness

Chicory – You manipulate others as you’re only happy when you have those you love in easy reach

Crab Apple – You have to have everything neat and tidy as you feel unclean inside

Elm – You tend to lose confidence in yourself when responsibility gets too much

Larch – You lack confidence in your ability, are afraid of failure and therefore do not try

Pine – You blame yourself, even for the mistakes of others, always thinking it must be your fault

Red Chestnut – You are a natural worrier constantly worrying about your family

Rock Water – You are rigid minded, have high standards and have strict beliefs

Centaury – You are gentle, kind and eager to please which means you can easily be taken advantage of and can’t say no

Scleranthus – You are unable to make decisions and debate everything when confronted by choice

Vervain – You are principled, get overly enthused by issues you believe in and thrive on a challenge which means you struggle to rest

Walnut – You have a strong purpose and determination but can be led astray by more dominant personalities or find it difficult to break free from the past.

You can read more detailed descriptions of the remedies under find out more on the create a remedy page.

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