The Scleranthus Bach Flower Remedy: An In-Depth Look

The Scleranthus Bach Flower Remedy: An In-Depth Look

Do you have trouble making decisions? Feeling like you can't order your thoughts? You may benefit from using the Bach Flower Remedy, Scleranthus. This remedy helps to create balance and certainty when you feel indecisive and uncertain. It can help you to focus on what is important and make decisions with greater ease. If this sounds like something you could use, keep reading to learn more about how Scleranthus can help you live a more balanced life.

Scleranthus Bach Flower: For Indecision

Scleranthus is the Bach flower remedy for people who feel pulled in two different directions and have difficulty making decisions. If you are constantly undecided or wavering back and forth, Scleranthus may be the right remedy for you. This remedy is also useful for people who feel uncertain or indecisive about which path to take in life, alongside the Wild Oat flower remedy. Scleranthus can help you to find inner balance and harmony so that you can make clear, confident decisions. If you are feeling lost or confused, Scleranthus can help to bring clarity and direction. Try taking Scleranthus when you are struggling with making a decision, can’t focus or are feeling overwhelmed by choices. You may just find that it helps you to see your situation in a new light and make the best decision for yourself.

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Physically, people in the negative state of Scleranthus, can have issues with dizziness, motion sickness or inner ear problems, as this remedy is related to balance. It can also express itself with two wildly different physical ailments such as fluctuating between constipation and diarrhea or hot and cold. It can be very helpful during pregnancy.

In the positive state, the remedy can help bring a calm certainty, balance and decisiveness.

Scleranthus Bach Flower in Brief

When you're in a blocked state, Scleranthus can manifest itself as:

  • You are indecisive and erratic – changing opinions and moods often
  • You struggle to make decisions between two things
  • You experience mood swings with your mood vacillating between one extreme to the other
  • You tend to be uncertain and indecisive
  • You can't order your thoughts or concentrate
  • You have an inner restlessness
  • You are prone to mood swings or changing outlook
  • You can be impulsive, flying off in different directions
  • To-ing and fro-ing between different options
  • Can appear outwardly fidgety or have nervous gestures – the body is in constant motion

While in a healthy state, Scleranthus can help you:

  • To focus and concentrate
  • To maintain balance and certainty in every day
  • To make decisions with certainty and without delay

If this remedy strikes a chord with you, simply click the button below to incorporate it into your personalised blend. You have the flexibility to select up to seven remedies in your Mindful Remedies treatment bottle.

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Scleranthus vs Cerato: for decision making difficulties

Whereas someone who needs Scleranthus tends to suffer in silence tossing up between ideas or decisions, the person who needs Cerato is the opposite, constantly asking the opinions of others. The Cerato persons lacks trust in their judgement so feels the need to asks lots of different people what they think to validate their decision. To add Cerato to your remedy, click on the button below.

What are Bach Flower Remedies and how do they work?

Bach flower remedies are a type of natural remedy that is based on the idea of using flowers to treat various emotional problems. The remedies were developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, in the 1930s. There are 38 different Bach flower remedies, each of which is designed to treat a specific emotion, such as anxiety, depression, or fear. For example, the remedy Chicory can be used to treat possessiveness and self-centeredness, while the remedy Rock Rose is designed for use in times of extreme stress or terror. While the remedies are safe for both children and adults, they are not intended to be a substitute for medical care. Instead, they are meant to be used as a complement to other forms of treatment. The remedies are usually taken in the form of drops that are placed on the tongue.

Bach flower remedies work by helping to balance the emotions and improve wellbeing. Dr Bach also believed that emotional imbalances can cause physical illness. According to Dr. Bach, “The selection of the right flower remedy can often lead to a rapid improvement in health, as it removes the underlying cause of disease.”

Although flower remedies are considered an alternative therapy, Dr Bach was actually a conventional doctor. He was a surgeon and medical researcher in London when he started working on the flower remedies.

What emotional issues can Bach flowers help with?

Flower remedies can support a whole range of emotions from anxiety, depression, confidence, sleeping difficulties, motivation, anger and stress.

How to choose the right Bach Flower Remedy for you

If you are considering using Bach Flower Remedies, you may want to consult with a qualified Bach practitioner who can help you choose the right remedy for your specific needs. At Mindful Remedies you can book an online consultation with Lucy over Zoom. The session is 50 minutes and afterwards she will create your personalised remedy and post it to you.

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Alternatively you can create your own personalised remedy self-selecting up to seven in a bottle via the link below.

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